The largest and most liquid market in the world with a transaction value three times greater than the combined stock and bond markets.

As of right now, Foreign Exhange (Forex) is the world’s largest market with a transaction value three times greater than the number of stock and bond market combined.

Forex is open 24 hours a day through a network of global banks throughout Asia, Europe, and America without a centralized exchange; thus, it is known as an OTC (Over the Counter) product.

This transaction is carried out by buying or selling currencies using price fluctuations.

The Benefits of Forex Transaction

  • High liquidity due to a never-ending supply and demand
  • A potential two-way profit gained whether the prices move up or fall, as there is no limit to direct trade
  • A relatively low initial investment cost, as forex is traded through leverage
  • Transparency resulted from trading directly with markets responsible for the price of currencies
  • Low trading costs since they are calculated into spreads,
  • Can be easily done whenever and wherever as long as there is an internet connection.

The Benefits of Forex Transaction with Topgrowth

  • Can be easily done whenever and wherever
  • Every data and information is accessible for cutomers
  • Supported by our Research and Development team, both online and offline
  • An available training module to improve our customers’ skills as professional traders
  • Secured and guaranteed nvestment funds due to the existing Segregated Account
  • A fast and efficient withdrawal process
  • A superior execution of instant order
  • Fixed spreads during all conditions
  • An excellent and trusted trading technology

Variety of Forex Products

Forex trading with Topgrowth Futures allows customers to trade many foreign exchange products, regardless of the platforms or gadgets used. Below are the various currency pairs that customers are able to trade.

Major Pairs

Cross Currency Pairs Nickname Contract Size
EUR / USD Euro EUR 100,000
USD / JPY Japanese Yen USD 100,000
GBP / USD Poundsterling GBP 100,000
USD / CHF Swiss Franc USD 100,000
AUD / USD Australian Dollar AUD 100,000
NZD / USD New Zealand Dollar NZD 100,000
USD / CAD Canadian Dollar USD 100,000

Major Pairs

Cross Currency Pairsw Nickname Contract Size
EURGBP Euro / British Pound EUR 100,000
EURJPY Euro / Japanese Yen EUR 100,000
GBPJPY British Pound / Japanese Yen GBP 100,000
CHFJPY Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen CHF 100,000
AUDJPY Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen AUD 100,000


  • Most gold and silver trade on the global scale is carried out on the over-the-counter (OTC) market.
  • London is by far the largest global center for OTC transactions, followed by New York, Zurich and Tokyo.
  • Trading on the exchange has grown in recent years, and most of the activity is carried out on Comex in New York and Tocom in Tokyo.
  • Gold is also traded in the form of securities, such as funds traded on the exchange (ETF), in London, New York, Johannesburg, and the Australian stock exchange.
  • Although the physical market for gold and silver is distributed globally, the clearing of most OTC market trading is carried out through London.
  • The average daily clearing volume of gold and silver at the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in November 2008 was 18.3 million ounces of Gold (worth $ 13.9 billion) and 107.6 million ounces of Silver (valued at $ 1.1 billion).
Contract Size 100 Troy Ounces 5,000 Troy Ounces
Fixed Exchange Rate USD 1= Rp. 12.000,- & Rp. 14.000,-
Minimum Tick 1 cent 0.1 cent
PIP size 10 cents 1 cent
Value Per PIP USD 10 USD 50